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Preventing Screen Damage on Delicate Phones

It might be time to finally invest in a screen protector for that new phone screen. Accidents happen and phone screens can easily be damaged with careless drops and use. To ensure your phone stays safe and keeps its full functionality, below are four great tips from a professional cell phone technician to help prevent unnecessary damage.

Use a Phone Case

Using a phone case lets you keep your cell phone safe by preventing physical damage to the phone, including dents and scratches that occur from dropping it. Even though some cases offer more protection, using a case will protect your phone from damage and will provide a grip that can help prevent accidental drops.

Invest in a Screen Protector

A screen protector is one of the easiest, least expensive ways to protect your phone from spills, dirt, and minor scratches. Find a screen protector with tempered glass that fits your screen perfectly and provides protection against drops, shock, and impact. Investing in one of these will provide an extra layer of protection to the delicate screen of your phone.

Watch the Temperature

Heat and phone screens do not mix. If the temperature outside is too hot or too cold and you bring your phone with you, there is a risk of it freezing or overheating. This can have a major effect on the screen and can cause serious damage. To prevent this, it’s best to store your phone in an area at room temperature or cooler.

Handle With Care

This is the simplest way to reduce and prevent damage to your phone. Handle it with care and avoid using sharp objects or keys to press on the phone’s screen. Though the glass has been treated to last, it cannot last forever if it’s mishandled.

Taking the time to invest in a sturdy case, and a screen protector and handle it with care, your phone should last a long time. For further protection and answers to any questions, reach out to Wireless Inc for support. We’re a preferred cell phone technician in Columbus, GA and you can easily reach us by calling (706) 891-3938!

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