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Cases That Might Need a Phone Glass Replacement

4 Possible Causes of Phone Cracks

As technology improves every year, so does the demand for newer, high-quality smartphones and tablets. And, because your devices are one of your essential accessories, you should take excellent care of them along the way. If it cracks, you know that the glass isn’t strong enough and this is where you will need a phone glass replacement. Phone glass cracks can be caused by the following:


The phone is held in a humid environment. If it is, you have to make sure that the phone is cleaned and dried before it is put away. This prevents the growth of mold. If it occurs again, replacing the whole phone glass is the best solution.

Vibration Damage

The second most common reason for phone cracks is mobile phone shock. Most phones are designed to withstand being dropped and thrown around, however, not designed to withstand vibration. This can result in cracks on the screen and even the impact that the digitizer is able to handle.

Contact to Hard Surfaces

When a phone is often contacted against a hard surface, it can result in cracks on the screen. That is why it is important to secure your phone in a loose and safe place.

Fall Accidents

Phone cases and covers can worsen the situation if you drop your phone. This can be due to unfortunate situations and slip-ups. However, if your phone case or cover cracks and breaks, this puts pressure on the screen and could lead to cracks and more serious phone damage.

While these factors are all things that you should avoid, they’re not the only causes of phone glass cracking. However, they can increase the chances of phone glass cracking. For example, you might be tempted to make up for cheap case materials by getting a case that is made from luxurious materials. However, this might only increase your chances of phone glass cracking as the case absorbs some of the shocks instead of transferring it to the phone’s glass. If you need a phone glass replacement, it is best to call on experts. Wireless Inc is a company that offers reliable service in Columbus, GA. For more information, dial (706) 891-3938.

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